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Drunk in A Toy Store and Out of Tampons With Aarne Thompson and Kurt Cobain

Visual and Performing Arts



The theatre troop I direct evolved from my art and book series. It is a fun and fresh approach to community theatre and fairy tales.


For updates and events :

Videos and Performances

The Dark Conscious

Shadow Puppets, Jung, and psychosis...

I wanted to show people what it is like to live with hallucinations and I thought, what better way to do that than with Shadow Puppets!? The themes of exploring the shadow-self and the dark conscious comes from Carl Jung. In one of his dreams he went down a set of stairs (which reminds me of certain spiritual out of body practices) and he explored different 'parts' of himself. Of course he told the dream to Freud who told Jung he had the dream because he wished Freud was his dad or some weird shit. Not everything is about YOU, Freud.  ...........................................................................................................................................................

Hallucinations are considered a “positive symptom” associated with psychosis, conditions on the schizophrenia spectrum, and other related mental conditions. Positive symptoms are things that are added to a person’s experience, such as hallucinations. Negative symptoms are things that are reduced, or are taken away from a person, such as isolating or difficulty speaking There are 5 types of hallucinations:

Visual (seeing) I see a cat but there is no cat

Auditory (Hearing) I hear a cat but there is no cat

Tactile (Feeling) I feel a cat brushing up against my leg but there is no cat

Olfactory (Smelling) I smell a cat but there is no cat Gustatory

(Tasting) I’m pretty sure this food was made of or by cats and I can not eat it because it’s contaminated

There you have the five basic cats of hallucination. There are other branches of hallucinations and conditions associated with each. Also worth mentioning are hypnogogic hallucinations, which happen between wakefulness and sleep. Usually these hallucinations occur during sleep paralysis. These types of hallucinations are much more common and do not require the presence of schizophrenia or other psychosis.

Story time with Mother Loose

Mother Loose is back at it! In this episode we discuss the history of:

-The origins of the nursery rhyme 'Ring around the Rosie'

-The Black Death

-The printed word


Complete with a short stop-motion clip.

pinkest pink.jpg


Art / Sculpture 


The Roles of Women in Fairy Tales

Case AT Type 410 - The Rape of The Sleeping Beauty in the Briar Rose


In this video the artist discusses :


-The roles of women in fairy tales

-My ideas about art and my rebellion against conventional beauty

-Why it is important to examine fairy tales in past and current culture

If that hasn't sold you there is also hidden Gang of Four reference!

This video not only breaks down the visual elements of the featured piece, it is also a way to explain the rest of the Art from my series Drunk in a Toy Store and Out of Tampons With Aarne Thompson and Kurt Cobain.

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