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Tarot Project : Title TBA

My ongoing tarot project is a mixture of art, collage, and photography. My focus is on bringing together elements of both contemporary and classic tarot designs, industrialism and feminism. Only a few of the major arcana pieces are viewable right now. 

As a conceptual artist, I dabble in modeling, film, and photography. Being the subject for the trumps has allowed me to form a deep personal connection with each card. As a long time cartomancer, my goal was to bring the intuitive meanings out of each card from within myself. 

The minor arcana will also be available as it's own La Vera Sibilla deck. La Vera Sibilla is a form of Italian cartomancy using a traditional Latin suited deck of playing cards. 

The Major Arcana

When I am not doing the photography myself (which is incredibly difficult when you are the subject of the photo) I enjoy collaborating with photographers, especially those who are looking for an outlet or to participate in creative projects. I take their creations and use digital editing to produce my interpretations of a thoughtful and intuitive arcana.

The Fool

Photography by: EyesWideShuttered​

The Magus

Photography by: EyesWideShuttered

The Empress

The Lovers

Photography by: Jereme Lawrence

The Devil

The Moon

Photography by: EyesWideShuttered

The Hanged Man

Photography by: Jereme Lawrence

The Art


Photography by:


The Minor Arcana / La Vera Sibilla

La Vera Sibilla, or the Chiccarine (Chatterbox), is an Italian form of Cartomancy. This Latin suited deck follows the themes of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck. Instead of using myself as the human subject I photograph dolls, mannequins, toys, masks, and other props of that sort. Each card is a unique vision, diving deep into symbology, allowing the reader to interpret the major themes of the card intuitively using the images. 

To learn La Vera Sibilla and view the images as I produce them one by one, join me on my Patreon tier, 

#Something Wicked This Way Comes

Follow me on social media to see the behind the scenes evolution of the decks. 

Ace of Spades


Eight of Spades

Disperato per Gelosia

Jack of Spades

Il Nemico

Queen of Spades

La Nemica

Three of Hearts


Nine of Spades


Four of Hearts


Ace of Hearts


Seven of Spades


Four of Diamonds


Card Readings with Which?Witch!Doctor?

Contact me directly if you are interested in a session. I am available for in-person readings. (Sorry, no virtual readings!) I can be selective about who I read for and the nature of a reading. Readings are not a parlor trick or paint night for you and your friends. I am not a performing monkey for your entertainment. Cartomancy is like a form of psychotherapy. Talking it out and laying all of your cards on the table, so to speak. Only to be sought out if you seek spiritual guidance and personal growth. What I do is a serious therapeutic discipline and art form, and deserves to be treated with respect. They are one-on-one sessions only, with very few exceptions. 

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