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"We stay up late and we wake up early. We're a small band and we burn energy like tiny suns."

Sapling is on the internet! For more information and to see our upcoming shows visit our website

      Sapling's full-length debut, No Sequoia, is just the 

        "What the hell is this?" you've been waiting for.

No Sequoia

No Sequoia was recorded by Jared Mann at

Distorted Forest Studio in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, mixed by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh) at Jakerock

Recording Services in Brooklyn, New York, and mastered by Mark Fede in outer space.


Maria vs Machine Maria

7" single of Maria Vs. Machine Maria/I Sing The Body Electric (non-album/non-digital b-side) released with support from Starlite. Photos by Coleman Rogers. Custom runout engraving on both sides. High quality cardstock in polybag with innersleeve.

The Apocalypse Musical​ 

DIY recording of songs and nonsense during covid quarantine 

Was available on cassette but you missed out!



Amor Fati

amor fati is dedicated to the memories of Jon R. Cordaro, Sally Warren, Jeff Siegrist, Taylor Hawkins, Jonathan Rossi, Uncle Tot, Tony Tortorelli, Winthrop H.K. Dahl, Mr. Man, and WhyB


Recorded by Jared Mann at Distorted Forest Studio in North Smithfield, RI except for tracks 1 & 13 recorded by Jon Cordaro at Sleazy Within Reason Studio in Scituate, RI 
Mixed by Jared except for track 2 mixed by Jason Loewenstein in Brooklyn, tracks 1 & 13 mixed by Jon, and track 12 mixed by Jon and Rainy 
Mastered by Anthony Chapman ( in Sunderland, UK 

"A fairy tale trash mysticism fuzzscape... the feel weird album of the year." ~Justin Perilli

Music Videos


Everything Was Better

I Sing the Body Electric

Fuck This Yuppie BBQ

Stoop Kid



Subscribe to my YouTube for more Theremin videos!

A video made for an MIT educational package for children. This is the perfect introduction-to video and is suitable for all ages or anyone looking to learn the how/what/why.

What is a theremin? A brief history.

How does it work?

My avant garde methods:

CV (control voltage) explained Effects

Your Thereminister here with another theremin hack for you. Have you ever experienced clipping issues while trying to use pedals? Well, I have a solution for you!

Experimenting with the Thereminister

Theremin CV Controls with Synthesizer, effects pedals and loop machine.

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