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Written and Spoken Word

"Rolling Stone calls it 'Good enough for an open mic.'"

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"I'm a human being, I exist. And if I speak one thought aloud that thought lives, even after I'm shoveled into my grave."


An autobiographical artist book. It consists of poetry, art, collage, ramblings and cyclical stories from my life. 

No physical copies, aside from the original, of this book are left....

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Ransacked, With Love

Cigarettes and Suffragettes 

Forward by Malt Schlitzman:

Here’s something you need to know about Amber: When she was instructed to “dress as your best self” for my wedding, she showed up in full pirate regalia. She’s in more of the photos than I am. She ran off with a bunch of the decorations and it took us months to track​ her down. When my wife’s boy snake laid a clutch of sterile eggs she incorporated them into a deeply moving art piece. She remains one of my best friends.

Amber is, in the best sense, a rogue. She is someone who approaches the ropes and chains of social norms as a jungle gym, nimbly threading her way through a system she is simply too much herself to deal with. Expectations are treated like cops, best avoided. She knows who she is and what she’s here to say and she’s saying it as only she can. Buy this book for the young women in your life.

Amber is publishing this not to ask for our approval, but because she knows you need to hear what she has to say. This book is a life preserver to anyone who feels swamped by the patriarchy, anyone who has ever dug a rose garden just to find themselves pondering death. Amber has shown to fuck shit up and she is not going to leave until she’s finished. Cigarettes and Suffragettes is a powerhouse. It’s equal parts zine, manifesto, scrap-cook-book, and tire fire. This is the kind of book Tank Girl would read while driving over nazis. Also, her recipe for Chicken Cacciatore is delicious and super easy.

Adding sugar to sauces is amateur hour shit.

Drunk in a Toy Store and Out of Tampons With Aarne, Thompson and Kurt Cobain

This book, only a rough draft of what is to come, is an exploration of my dedicated research to the history, psychology and literary anthropology of fairy tales. 

"Drunk in a toy store and out of Tampons with Aarne, Thompson and Kurt Cobain uses multimedia to produce my artistic, psychoanalytic interpretations of classic fairy tales. I have been influenced by modern and traditional versions of the stories, the evolution of perversions and problematic standards of different cultures (particularly the feminine ideal - The dolls), exploring the shadows of the unconscious with authors like Marie-Louise von Franz, too many books on my coffee table and huffing paints in a poorly ventilated room. "

Fork it

Volume 1: Bite your Teeth into the Ass of Life

It's a cook book.

Poetry Performances

The Yellow Room

Content Warning :

Violence, anger, suicide, trauma, abuse, toads

The most bullshit moody French film 90s grunge style poetry video and I’m not sorry about it or for finger puking this punctuation-less run on sentence at your screen balls.

Taro the toad footage courtesy of Hillary C. from Cold Blooded Pets

176 South Main Street Acushnet, MA 02743


The Bride Of Frankenstein Speaks

"We do not kill because we are monsters, we kill because we were once human."

Theatrical performance poetry with opening dialogue from Young Frankenstein

Malleus Maleficarum

A poem about feminism and spirituality. 

The opening dialogue (witch burning scene) are actual excerpts from the Malleus Maleficarum, or 'hammer of the witches.' This compendium on witchcraft served as a manual for witch hunters. 

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